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Delighted to be included in "Partner News" - in the February issue of the Gauge Pilot Newsletter, and I'm very much looking forward to working with Nigel Cousins again at this years Mille Miglia.

I've heard many teams say that the Gauge Pilot instrumentation has revolusioned the life of the navigator and indeed the whole team at the Mille MIglia - to see why....

....take alook at the article - "Why choose Rally Pro for the Mille Miglia" below:





February has started busily, with increased manufacturing activity and new Farina software enhancements for the Mille Miglia 2018 being developed. As I write, we have "GaugePilot's in action" with customers on the Le Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, and The Winter Trial. Also, news from explorer Paul Carroll, from Ireland, who has safely arrived in South Africa with his GaugePilot-equipped diesel Land Rover Defender for the start of a great trans-continental adventure.

This months edition also features wonderful Mille Miglia images from photographer Joe Deviancy.

Monte Carlo or Bust...
A very charitable affair
 - John Varney and Chris Mockridge form the Operation UAD Team who are raising funds for the Alzheimer's Society in honour of their friends Sandi Bullen and Richard King who were lost to the dreadful disease.  

Mimi, is a 1971 Mini that was prepared in Malta and donated by her owners Xerxes Matten and Clifford Debono for the rally. With loads of period accessories from GaugePilot agents MiniSport, ( Mimi looks the part for this iconic historic rally.

Donations in support of this great charitable adventure be be made via


Happy 80th Birthday Rally Professor

Rally Legend Rauno Aaltonen recently turned 80 and we wish him many happy returns or should that be hand-brake turns! 

Rauno who is known as the original Flying Finn, won the world Rally Championship in 1965; h
is other merits include winning the 1000 Lakes rally in 1961, the RAC Rally in 1965, the Monte Carlo Rally in 1967, the Southern Cross rally in 1977, and a Coupes des Alpes at the Alpine Rally in 1963 and 1964.

A proponent of left foot braking, Rauno was among the first four inductees to the Rally Hall of Fame along with Erik Carlsson, Paddy Hopkirk, and Timo Makinen. Today the Rally Professor has his own ice driving school where you can learn the ultimate in car control from the very best.


Why choose Rally Pro for Mille Miglia? 

The Mille Miglia is different to regularity rally events here in the UK and other parts of the world. It requires the navigator to continuously manage multiple timing and distance aspects and the driver to nail the time control air hoses to the 1/100th of a second. In 2017 the top UK team, in their Bugatti, and the highest placed Aston Martin used the GaugePilot Rally Pro and we helped many other teams achieve personal bests or exceed their expectations.  

For 2018, over 4 days and 16 Time Controls (CO's) there will be 25 Passage Controls (CT's), 6 Average Speed Trials (PM's) and 112 Time Trials (PC's) for the crews to master whilst following the route book tulips (subject to late changes each day, to keep competitors on their toes) and navigating the enthusiastic crowds and spirited Italian traffic.  

CO/TC The Time Controls (CO/TC) break each day's route into segments, with three competitors starting each minute, at the first Time Control of the day. To limit competitors to safe speeds, and prevent the event running as a road race, an overall average speed for each segment much be respected, with competitors expected to arrive at the next time Control (CO/TC), and hand their Time Card over to the official, in their designated minute. 

CT The Passage Controls (CT/PC) check that the correct route for the rally is being observed. The opening and closing times of the CT/PC will be notified by the Clerk of the course Bulletin. At the CT/PCs, drivers must stop the cars in order for the check stamp or “all clear” stamp to be printed in the relative area of the Time Card. The absence of this stamp will mean exclusion. 

PM/AT Average Trials (PM/AT) are those sections of the route where drivers must keep precisely to a set average speed. This is specified to 2 decimal places and is different to the average speed for the overall Time Control. During each PM / AT, the car is timed at several 'random' timing points, plus the section end, with the actual arrival time compared to the ideal time at each point. Penalty points are calculated for each second of error, based on the average timing error.

PC/TT Time Trials (PC/TT) are short (typical tens to hundreds of metres) timed sections of the route, between two consecutive timing points (air hoses), between which the car must spend precisely the set amount of time. Timing are made to the 1/100th of a second, and penalty points awarded for each 1/100th second error. Often a number of PC/TT stages are placed back-to-back, with the next PC/TT starting as the previous PC/TT ends, each with a different average speed required.

Practice makes perfect as the UK team in the Bugatti demonstrated in Verona in 2017.

The GaugePilot Farina software has been developed specifically to reduce the stress on the crew by having all timing and distance aspects managed in one instrument, rather than juggling multiple rally instruments from different manufacturers; Allowing the crew to focus on the route, perform better on each segment, and enjoy the spectacular atmosphere of this iconic event.

If you wish to learn more about the Mille Miglia or would like to book a familiarisation session at our Salisbury office give us a call or contact us via email at 
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Monitor Oil temperature

Joe Devanny  - A freelance Photographer based in West Sussex.

Joe’s work regularly spans a variety of areas and events including The Mille Miglia, Goodwood Revival, Goodwood Member's Meetings, The Tour de France, as well as specific product launches, and detailed client-based bespoke photographic projects

His style is one of observation, aiming in a candid way to find those moments and images that capture and tell the story. 

He has most recently undertaken commissions for Challengers Sporting Icons, Themed Garages, Heritage Jaguar, Octane Magazine, GaugePilot and the late John Surtees CBE.

At the time of publication he is currently planning and preparing for this years Mille Miglia.

Contact: Joe Devanny
Tel: 07929001220
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Select Digital Speedo for greater precision & easy viewing

ERA- Trans America Challenge 2018
27th May -17th June

Michael Eatough and his son Marcus Eatough will be teaming up in the 1966 Mercedes 230S Fintail for Michael's and GaugePilot's third Trans America Rally this year from Charleston USA on the East Coast to Seattle on the West. 

Michael is using the event as a test for the Fintail for the ERA Peking to Paris 2019, where he will be joined by Canadian navigator Steve McKelvie.

Monitor Air/Fuel Ratio 

Understanding Air Fuel Ratio and Altitude. 

GaugePilot is 'miles more than a rally tripmeter' and is built to get the very best out of man and machine. We dream of driving the challenge of the Stelvio Pass or venturing into the Himalaya's in a vintage Bentley. But as you climb to these great heights the air thins and it takes more air (by volume) to burn the same amount of fuel. This natural richening of the mixture can cause plugs to foul, induce loss of power, and increase fuel consumption.  

By adding the GP-LC2 AFR sensor kit to your GaugePilot you bring accurate fuel mixture information to allow you to maximise your engine's performance.



2018 offers a full calendar of classic shows, events, motoring adventure, races and rallies around the world and we are looking forward to sharing them with you all.

Don’t forget to give us a call, visit our website, or follow us on Facebook & Twitter, Something is always happening!

Until then, Godspeed

Nigel and Simon

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