Busy Times!!!

Been rushing about a bit of late - getting Mille Miglia plan sorted and yes, its only July - Hotels booked, itinerary nearly sorted - post Mille Miglia stays agreed - have got a couple of potential entrants to speak to re photographic work at the start - always such an exciting time.

The Dennis has been in the garage for most of the last three months, fixing starting problems, repaired water pump, repaired radiator, repaired fuel pipes - nothing much left to repair really!! - anyway she will be ready for Revival alongside her Dagenham team mate!!

Trip to Bristol was just the opportunity to capture so "non banksy" street art!!

Brooklands Double Twelve in the middle of June was as entertaining as ever and a couple of weeks ago had a personal 1-1 tour of the Vulcan Bomber in its hanger at Doncaster - like most people I've seen her fly a number of times over the last 30 odd years but nothing can really prepare you for the spectacle of seeing her up close and personal - she is quite stunning!!

Revival is just around the corner so that'll probably be the next thing to report on!!