Mille Miglia 2017

Well, Mille Miglia 2017 was certainly one to remember  - the 90th anniversary of the Mille Miglia and glorious weather, well, in Brescia at least - (those of you in Rome got very wet indeed!!) and a bumper entry of cars this year - in total 460!!. No matter how many times I attend the Mille I'm always enthused, excited, passionate and of course sad when it's all over and can't wait for May to come around again.

I cant really explain the reason behind those feelings - it must be a combinations things all coming together over 4 days in may - I think Tazio Nuvolari summed it up well when he compared the Mille Miglia to an exotic cocktail .......

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Mille Miglia Prints - The Exhibition!

Well, its happened! - The Exhibtion is about to go live! - For 8 weeks a limited edition series of prints capturing some of the charecter of the legendary Italian road race - The Mille Miglia will be on display at the Vittle & Swig -  a new restuarant/gallery on the Camden Road in Royal Tunbridge Wells

A private viewing is scheduled for Thursday May 5th between 6pm and 9pm

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Equestrian shoot in Devon

Earlier last summer I was asked to undertake a shoot at a Devon stable - something I hadn't done before but something I was keen to get invloved with.


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Bristol Street Art


Bristol Street Art 19

Bristol is, of course, associated with the enigmatic Banksy - world renowned street artist. While Bristol has a number of Banksy's around the City -  there are however a large number of other artists producing equally stunning visual images - many around the City Centre 

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