Octane's Mille Miglia

Back in March during the 73rd Members Meeting at Goodwood I met up with Octane's David Lillywhite.

David, together with fellow HRDC driver Guy Harman were to undertake what Enzo Ferrari called "the most beautiful race in the world" - The Mille Miglia.

A 1000 mile time trial (it used to be a full on race) between Brescia and Rome and back again. The car was Guys 1950 XK150 prepared and checked by Classic Autos and its history documented by Julius Thurgood ahead of Mille Miglia's scrutiny process.

Interestingly, the XK was first owned by Brooklands racer and Cresta Run founder Benjamin Harvey Bowring!

Driving flat out over the 4 days, sometimes up to 8 hours at a time at the wheel, in all weathers, and at night while navigating by Tulip - this is no "walk in the park" and certainly NOT for the faint hearted!

To their credit, they made it! - completely unscathed, returning triumphantly to Brescia on the Sunday afternoon - very well done chaps!!

The whole experience is well documented by David in Issue 146 of Octane and further pictures of the Mille Miglia can be found on my Flikr link 

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